MMA Betting at DraftKings Sportsbook

mma betting

MMA betting is becoming increasingly popular, and there are many options for bettors to choose from. Some of these include the traditional money line wager, over/under rounds, and method of victory props. These bet types can be confusing, but they are also quite lucrative when placed correctly.

The first step in mma betting is learning how to read the odds. These odds showcase how much a bettor can win for their wagers, in terms of dollars per $100 wagered. Odds that are listed with a plus sign are considered to be underdogs, while odds with a minus sign are considered to be favorites.

Another important factor to consider is the fighters’ physical condition. Some fighters struggle to make it to the weight limit before a fight, while others are able to cut and maintain their weight with ease. These factors can have a significant impact on the fight, especially when it comes to the outcome. A KO loss can significantly damage a fighter’s confidence, and they may become more cautious or unenthusiastic inside the octagon. This can make them more vulnerable to a big punch from an opponent, which could result in a quick finish.

In addition to a wide variety of MMA fight betting markets, DraftKings Sportsbook also offers live bets on each fight, making it an excellent choice for UFC fans. The American-born company is the official betting partner of the UFC, and their state-of-the-art Fight Clock allows bettors to place wagers in real time during each match.

There are several different ways to bet on a fight, from single-round wagers to parlays (accumulators). Over/Under round totals are one of the most basic wagers in MMA fighting, and they’re based on the expected number of rounds that the fight will last. The Over/Under price is determined by the oddsmakers, who calculate the probabilities of each outcome.

Depending on the matchup, style of each fighter, and how many rounds are scheduled, the Over/Under price will change throughout the week and on fight night. This is due to the fluctuating public opinion and the fact that a lot of fights are unpredictable. The odds on a favorite will usually shorten as the fight gets closer, and any new fighter news can change the lines dramatically.

It’s important to shop the odds from various sportsbooks, as they aren’t all created equal. This practice is called “line shopping” and is an integral part of any sharp bettor’s strategy. When a sportsbook undervalues a certain fighter, savvy bettors will jump on the opportunity before it’s too late.

Some coaches and trainers in the MMA community openly admit to placing bets on their own fighters, often with positive results. In an episode of ESPN’s “The MMA Hour,” coach Eric Krause revealed that he regularly places bets on his fighters, and even their opponents. He has been able to leverage these wagers to make more money than he makes from his actual coaching and training duties.